Adderin Reviews The Shocking Truth


Adderin is a drug that belongs to a category of brain stimulants called Nootropics, sold by KNH online. You will find more in depth Adderin Reviews at the healthbulletin site, which is very informative indeed.

In simple terms, a nootropic is a drug that stimulates mental functioning and improves overall cognitive efficiency. It is said to make one smarter because of the vast benefits that has to offer to anyone who takes it.

The product has been stated to increase memory, focus, processing power, thinking abilities as well as maintain a ‘flow’ of the mind in terms of thoughts and overall thinking.

While the claims may be high and vast, what exactly is the basis for the product and does it really work is always on anyone’s mind. This is something that is to be expected by all consumers regardless of the product that they are buying. This interesting post reveals if it really can make you smart.

adderin-in-the-bottleTo begin with, the basis behind the claims of Adderin is that it contains a half dozen ingredients that are common in a lot of nootropics across the market, which promise to improve cognitive functioning.

The actual review must be done with the information that this hasn’t been tested by the FDA. In other words, the actual effectiveness of Adderin is unknown and untested on humans, at least under the supervision of the FDA’s guidelines and conditions. While this doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work, it also doesn’t mean that it’s effective.

Coming to the actual product, Adderin is said to contain a lot of cognition enhancing ingredients.

Some of the most important were checked with and compared to available research data.

Take a look at our complete Adderin Reviews:

Let’s take a look at what’s put into Adderin:


1.) Alpha-GPC:

This is said to promote proper functioning of neurotransmission as well as its general health.


The claim is true to a certain extent as Alpha-GPC is a chemical byproduct of soy and other plants, which seems to increase memory function. Howeer, there is very little evidence that it helps in actually improving memory, thinking or learning. There is however an Italian study that shows it’s role in improving the brain health of those affected with Alzheimers.

The drug does have some side effects like insomnia, dizziness, skin rashes and confusion.

WebMD Alpha-GPC

Italian study

2.) L-Tyrosine:

L-Tyrosine is said to create neurotransmitters that promote mental awareness. This is one of the major highlights from the Adderin Reviews which make it so appealing.


This is true in the sense that it is one of the basic building blocks of protein, which in turn helps with mental performance during stressful situations. But there is very little evidence beyond this and it hasn’t been used outside of the military for the most part.

Long term side effects of the drug are unknown. The side effects however, include headache, joint pain and Nausea.

Web MD

The effects and stress

3.) Bacopa Monnieri:

Bacopa Monnieri has been used in traditional eastern cultures for thousands of years as a remedy for memory function. There is evidence that it does improve cognitive function.


Furthermore, the fact that it’s been used for thousands of years as a herbal remedy adds some amount of backing.

In all, further research is needed to know the effectiveness of the drug.

The drug has been shown to cause increased bowel movements, fatigue and nausea.

Herb review

4.) Vinpocetine:

Vinpocetine is said to increase glucose utilization in the brain tissue, which in turn causes an increase in ATP production.


The compound itself is artificial in nature without much evidence of its ability to increase overall cognitive function

The side effects of the drug include headache and nausea. In some cases, it can lead to a weakened immune system.

Find out more

5.) Gaba:

Gaba is described as an inhibitory neurotransmitter which helps to maintain focus through the prevention of excitement.


The drug itself is made by our brain and a study has shown its effectiveness to reduce anxiety in stressful conditions.

Effects on humans

6.) Huperzine A:

Huperzine A is said ot inhibit acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine.


The drug has been shown to be effective in preventing Alzhemier’s disease. However, further evidence is needed to get conclusive information.

The side effects of the drug include nausea and vomiting.

Mayo Clinic

In all, the product does seem to have a sound basis to it in theory. The ingredients that they’ve added to it have been used for the purpose of treating numerous brain disorders or in general, to improve cognitive function.

The product however, still needs to be evaluated for safety as its not clear.

Generally speaking, the product does seem to work considering that all of the ingredients added to it are legitimate and not fraudulent. I hope our Adderin Reviews have helped you decide that this is a great thing to buy.


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